Over two decades of experience, a lifetime of passion.

From an early age I have been captivated by movie magic. Films like Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Close Encounters inspired me to become a professional artist in the motion picture industry. My career began in 1988 as a mechanical designer and make-up effects artist. Over the past 20+ years I have honed my craft and broadened my skill set. I have had the opportunity to gain experience in prosthetics, animatronics, models, miniatures, cinematography, motion control, 3D animation, compositing, stereography, pipeline development plus many more varied disciplines of the art of movies. I feel very fortunate to have bridged the days of rubber puppets and photochemical processes to state of the art CGI. I believe the experience has given me a very grounded and practical approach to visual effects.

As a youth I found stereography fascinating. From my first peek into a View-master, to drawing 3D comics to building my own stereo rig for my super-8 camera when I was a teen I have been a long time enthusiast. With the modern age of stereo I have been excited to be involved with several notable stereo projects. With a background and intuitive understanding of the aspects of stereography, combined with my knowledge of visual effects and a keen eye I found myself in demand. With the completion of Alice in Wonderland I decided to make stereography my specialty along with visual effects supervision.  

My philosophy is simple: ‘the shot dictates the means’. That is to say every visual effect poses it’s unique challenges, and if you just consider all aspects of what you are trying to accomplish, one method will seem the most logical. If CG is the answer, go with it. If building it quarter scale and blowing it up is the answer, then build it quarter scale and blow it up. From initial script breakdown, planning and methodology to on-set supervision and post production, I have the skills to see a project though all phases. With a proven track record and dedication to the art, I’m ready for any challenge.